Feminism is as Feminism does..


It seems that Andy has a fundamental objection to feminism.

The thing is, at least as I see it, feminism isn’t about putting one gender above another — but rather achieving equality — and objecting to gender or race based discrimination of any sort.

Third wave feminists don’t generally hate men — in fact, we realize that one of our obligations is raising good men.  Further, we appreciate the men in our lives who are good people — and especially those who are good fathers to their kids… and especially their boys.

I see Andy raising Max to be a good person, respectful of all persons and generally kind and accepting of the differences among people.  These are important and attractive qualities to third-wave feminists.

I also know that Andy thinks women should be free to choose what to do with their own bodies — and, although he makes jokes and says things that (if he were serious I’d never be the best friend ever with him… ) I know that when he’s serious he’s all about sexual freedom for both genders.

These, folks — seem to me like third-wave feminist values…. whether he wants to be part of the movement or not is up to him — but, I think he’s doing something more important than marching in a Pride Parade — he’s living the values feminism would have everyone live…. and, perhaps most important he’s teaching these values to Max.


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