Memorial Day…

I spend a lot of my professional life thinking about the ethics of killing in war… in fact, in about two weeks, I’ll celebrate “Dr.Patty” day — the day I defended my dissertation on the ethics of warfare.

As you might expect, I have some pretty specific and well-informed opinions on the wars, soldiers dying for our freedom etc… Add to that my time as a military spouse, and you might say that most of my adult life appreciating what other folks only pause to appreciate on Memorial Day.

Add to that my father and his father being buried at Ft. Snelling — and you could say that I’m as aware of folks making sacrifices for their country as I am of breast cancer…

So — I didn’t think about it this weekend…

Instead I took photos of flowers with Andy and Max…

and took photos of a kick-ass sunrise… even though we had to leave Isabella in the middle of the night to get there…

and today I was lucky to be included in a Smith family party near Lake Calhoun..

So — this weekend I went from Flathorn to Lake Calhoun…  and loved every minute of it.

I’ll think about war tomorrow.


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