Blame the single mom for fat kids

Every once and a while there is a proposal on the radio or tv that pisses me off so badly I have to not listen or it will put the funk on my day. I apologize for not having listened to this report but I think I may know where they were going with it.

Gone are the days then the exceptionally smart and over employed hubby leaves the house in the morning with a kiss from his made up sexy domestic engineer after a full breakfast and a casual read of the news paper.

While he’s gone at work, she is expected to clean the home,  keep Wally and the Beav in line and have a full healthy dinner and  iced cold cocktail ready for her man when he walks thru the door.

Over dinner June relays the episodes moral imperative (Wally and Beav’s trouble making ) to Ward in a softer female kind of way and Ward passes down his ruling.

Things are not like that anymore, and things have not been like that for 50 years, so to hear a story blaming the single mother for poor nutrition and whatever failed nurturing happens in her home Really pisses me off.

Any single parent meeting the needs of the children deserves a super high five from me and everyone else.

How about the food industry…………..corn fed meat…………growth hormones……….e coli………….52 ounce sugar sodas with massive c affine?

How about a society with has no sense of immediacy for health care and social support for single parents?

How about every financial perk and gain available is given towards individuals and corporations representing the top 1% . All so they can offer the same single mom $8.50 an hour and no health insurance for her or her kids?

As a single Dad I can barely cover my expenses and  I can occasionally give my daughter 100 bucks for expenses and I can afford to rent movies and buy my son ice cream……………hoping that the time I spend with him is exactly what he needs, not something that has to do with any kind of security because that’s not available to me or his mother.

Lastly, when will the news media return to only reporting non biased news so folks republican or democrat can get the news with out the crap.  No alarmist stories, no self-promoting charity crusades, report the good in the world as well as the bad and most importantly stop driving every little Bret Favre penis text report into the hearts and minds of America until we don’t know what to believe?


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