Fried Catfish!!! YUMMO!

The EFG is at it again… this time, fried catfish with avocado salad and remoulade — an excellent EFG creation… and I got to have it for dinner!

For those of you relatively new to Leftyconcarne, one of the things Andy and I do together is cook… he’s an expert chef — and I call him the EFG (which stands for Evil Food Genius).

I take photos and act as a kitchen assistant… he’s the mastermind, for sure!!

Here are the ingredients for the avocado salad — corn, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, lemon and red onion.

before mixing — note, the perfect, in season avocados — yummy!

The general idea is to dice up the veggies, dress them with some balsamic vinegar, lime and lemon juice– add a generous dollop of garlic and enjoy — The EFG served the salad in the halves of the avocados — pretty and yummy!

and — the “yummy dipping sauce” — the remoulade:

Combine mayo, tartar sauce (and whatever similar things like sour cream) with diced jalapenos, red onion, garlic, cajun seasoning, creole gumbo seasoning and lemon juice — and, if it needs a boost, some cocktail sauce and lime juice.  Whip together and love, love, love it!

Now – for the main event — the catfish in panko breadcrumbs…

Here’s Andy cutting the fish on a diagonal— note, the blurry hand to indicate lightening fast knife skills…

Note — the paper plates are KEY to the process — being able to throw them away makes it all good…. From left to right you have seasoned flour (salt, creole and cajun seasonings), eggs with Louisiana hot sauce and then panko bread crumbs..

Work from left to right — make sure you don’t get too much flour on the fish or the egg will slide off…

Now — fry the fish in vegetable oil at about 350 —

Set up the counter with a nice layer of newspapers to drain the fish — they tend to wick away the oil nicely and the fish just tastes yummy…. when the fish is hot, hit it with salt…

Then — throw it all on the table and watch it get devoured!!

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