Is the media horsing around?

So if you watched our news here in Minnesota today you would have noticed some dude’s horse got loose and backed up traffic on one of our big roads.

Thankfully, drivers and ponies alike were just fine.

To the shock and awe of the news agency the owner of the horse did not want to be on camera and he “just wanted to put it behind him”.

Really…………you don’t want to be the dumb-ass on the news who lost his horse?   Really………you don’t think it’s your job to be on tv and make the world feel better about the trespassing stallion?

Whenever the modern media are confronted about their ridiculous and irresponsible journalism they hide behind some weak comment like they dont make the news they just report it.


I don’t think Walter Kronkite or Dan Rather would have shouted out a question regarding the level of erection in Anthony Wieners naughty pics.

Trust me when I tell you I despise Sara Palin, but after the first time she got burned on her lack of knowledge regarding u s history, every dork reporter and her cat wanted to catch her in another blunder.

And know what……………………we can turn it off………………..SO LETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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