How things change…

Three years ago today, I became a one-boobed woman…

A few days before a lumpectomy resulted in unclear margins — meaning they didn’t “get” it all… the left one had to go.

I woke up with drainage tubes, a big scar and wondering how this was all going to work out.

I remember distinctly walking crooked from the car to the apartment.. once I realized why, I corrected and never had the issue again…

It took a major adjustment to my self-image and body image overall to get used to the one boobed thing — but, I can honestly say that three years later, it’s all good.  Eventually I figured out that if I’m comfortable with myself, others will be too.

Three years later, I’ve found that life with one fake boob is kind of amusing, if you like black humor… I’ve had several times when I’ve been tempted to throw the fake one at someone — but I’ve resisted so far… but, who knows — I’d do it for sure in the right situation, I’m no longer shy!





2 Responses

  1. A debate friend who had a mastectomy finally got a fake, but she wasn’t used to it at all. She went to go judge some round with some younger debaters who didn’t know her and during the cross-ex was trying to adjust the fake one. She looked up and saw that one of the debaters was just staring at her. She said “it’s okay, it’s not real anyway” and went right back to messing with it.

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