Rejected by Shutterstock

So as a budding Photographer, I was excited to learn you can actually sell photos online to stock photo companies. You would have to work pretty hard to make a living at it, but it is possible.

So I applied with a certain company who requires 10 sample photos before you can post unlimited images for download.

I had thought I might be disappointed if it didn’t work out, but when I opened my rejection E letter, I noticed only one out of the ten was rejected for an issue with the quality of the photo.  Eight others were rejected due to  “Limited commercial content”.

In other words, they want pictures of some douchey happy couple smiling and holding a new cell phone or getting into the new s.u.v

There is nothing wrong with this, there is nothing wrong with selling and there is nothing wrong with making a little cheddar on the side by selling these kind of photo’s.     But alas, it is not for me.

Getting up at 2am, loading up on overdose levels of caffeine….and burning rubber up to the north shore in time for a frozen sunrise is for me.   Me and my assistant are into the experiencing first and then (and only then)  applying any limited skill to capturing it.

They said I could apply again in 30 days……………….but nah.


One Response

  1. As the assistant — I concur —

    I’m good with being of “limited commercial value” — because, the photos and experiences themselves are priceless…

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