The Biggest Loser

Where to begin?      Look at all the rich white faces!!!!!!!

Does anyone remember the other rich white face three years ago that started two wars and drove the economy to the brink of collapse?

I’ll give you a hint………he was a c- student from Texas.

How about the rich white faces on wall street recording record profits after being lent your money only to not lend it back so you can keep your house out of foreclosure?

How about the rich white faces in charge of record breaking profits and not paying any taxes?

How about the rich white faces who make up the top 2% who don’t hire people and also don’t pay taxes?

If you are a working class republican, you need to know you are not the “upper crust in training”, you and your hard work are the blocks on which the next generation of two-percenters will stand on top of.

You have had almost three years of a Black president and the Jewish, Lesbian feminists have not come for your guns, so what are you afraid of?

You’re afraid of the hard work and sacrifice that comes with the responsibility of fixing what rich white faces have done to you and your country.

You’re afraid of socialism because they take half of your check to take care of you and the rest of society…………… would rather pay 1/4 in income tax and roll the dice with the other 1/4 with a private insurance company who does not have your best interest in mind.

Of course there was one non-white face at the hootenanny. He cut his teeth in the pizza business. So order yourself extra pepperoni and hold the reproductive rights.

There was also a woman and a former governor, both from my state. If you are from Minnesota you know their antics well. If you are from another state, make sure you are a fascist right wing koo koo because that’s who you will be voting for.

A final thought……………….I saw a big ole pick-up the other day with a bumper sticker reading “Somewhere in Kenya there is a village missing it’s idiot”      So regardless of your politics………..I challenge you to answer the relevant questions and not just hate people different from you.


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