Dispatches from the deck…

Andy and I are spending a rainy Saturday afternoon on the deck —

and, as often happens, the neighbors are providing drama.

It seems that an early 20’s or late teens couple is breaking up — accusations of cheating, offers to look at her texts — and general drama.

Andy commented that, at their age, it seems to be the most important thing in the WORLD — and he’s right.  I remember those times (some of you remember me from those times..) —

I’m so glad to be past that age — I wish “Jason” and the girl the best of luck – and, I’d give them one piece of advice… if you aren’t happy together, don’t be together.  “Jason”, if you don’t trust her, just end it — in a text if necessary.  Don’t stand in the rain, fighting with her — just get in your car and go.


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