Stone Arch Art Festival

I had a great time with my Pal Ann at the Stone Arch Art Festival here in Minneapolis today.

At the very first booth I met Steve Wewerk who was very generous with his time talking to a student photographer like myself. Steve’s images are just awesome, and instantly evoke emotion. It reminded me of how Clapton plays guitar and can bring out your emotions with just one masterfully played note. Oddly enough, Steve takes all his photos with an Iphone…….Totally cool!

Steve Wewerka

My favorite art (pictured above) is from Judy and Dave Hedblom of Danbury WI. It’s simply Copper bent around a wood frame and manipulated with heat and buffing tools, with a clear powder coat on top. They are very simple, but talk about your innovation. WOW!

The only thing I have to whine about (because that’s what I do) are certain “Artists Statements”.   They usually start off by saying something like “I don’t know why I’m driven” or “For some unknown reason” and seem to try to bolster a mythological snobbishness about how Art is a higher calling then the rest of us get.

I think Art is about feeling and noticing the grand and tiny things we experience every day…………….it is for all of us and we just have to pay attention.

Except conservative republicans………………who suck!


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