Father’s Day…


My Dad died 29 years ago — so it’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to make a big deal about Father’s day.

As I’ve said many times before, Andy’s a great dad — he’s not one of those Ward Cleaver kinds of dads (i.e. a work-a-holic who would rather go to the office than be with his kids) — rather, he knows that the real way to have a relaitonship with his kids is to spend time with them, doing things they both enjoy.

Andy also told me a while back that he doesn’t make a big deal about Father’s day — For the record, he said the same thing about his birthday and enjoyed the attention he got… so there :).

I decided he needed a good Father’s Day surprise.  I also knew that he missed spending time with his 19 year old daughter Terra, so I figured it would be fun to surprise him.

This morning I got up early — (if you read the last post, you’ll know that we spent the evening on the deck –so it wasn’t easy to get up!) — and I drove down to Terra’s college town to get her.

The original plan was to suggest a casual coffee — and show up with Terra.  I figured this would be a fun and easy way to surprise my BFF… then PLANS got made for a family thing — for 2:00 — no sweat, plenty of time for a round trip to college town and a fun surprise for Andy…

Then the PLANS got moved to noon — which made things a bit tigher… but still possible.

So, I got up — drove down — got her and was on the way up when I got the first text from Andy… something like, “where are you” — I had Terra answer something vague… I was busy speeding back from college town…

Later, I got “is everything ok”? — and then directions to the location of the PLANS… 

Eventually, we arrived — about 30 minutes late — and Andy really was surprised to see her — turns out he had no idea… just as it should be.  We had a good meal, some casual family time with Andyfamily — and then we hit an art fair for a while before we picked up Max.

Our gift to Andy was (of course) a photo album.   Since I can’t afford big glass — what else do you get a photographer but a photo album about half filled up…

I printed some of my favorite photos he’s taken — ones that remind me of good times this year — and plenty of photos of Max and Terra.  Terra added both artistic and older family photos — and we put it all together for him… The nice thing is that there’s plenty of room in the back to add more photos as the years go along…

So — Happy Father’s Day Andy!!!  You deserve every ounce of love and effort we put into your surprises.


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