The Wet Lady…

I should start by saying this is a photo from the interwebs — not our day today…

On the way home from dropping off Terra in her college town, we did the right thing…

As we drove in a hard rain up a steep and curvy hill outside of college town, we saw a woman standing at the side of the road waving her arms.  Andy immediately stopped the car, got turned around (not an easy thing..) and went back to see what she needed.

It turns out her car hydroplaned, ending up down a steep embankment and she needed some help… so we helped her.  She wasn’t hurt and nobody was in the car with her — so there was no need to call SuperMom (the phone a nurse in our family).

We went to the top of the hill, called 911 — and she used our phone to call her husband.  We sat in the car as she stopped shaking and eventually the rain stopped, so we waited outside for the State Patrol and her husband to come take care of things.

It didn’t take us long and we were on our way — happy to help when we could.

One of the virtues, according to W.D. Ross, is “beneficence”  — which is defined as doing good things when you can.  Today, we practiced that virtue.

I do have to wonder what the folks who drove by her waving her hands thought…  maybe they were practicing other virtues, or just too busy to stop and help a woman standing by the side of the road in the pouring rain waving her arms.  I’m glad we weren’t too busy to help her out.


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