The photos that got away






(space left intentionally blank for the photos that got away).

The Leftyconcarne crew is in Isabella on a spur of the moment trip…  Only SuperMom would welcome us at 4:00 AM — with only a few hours notice of our barging in and taking over her place… just one of the many reasons SuperMom is the best!!

Anyway, the purpose of the trip — like many other trips — is to take photos.

On the way up, it was too cloudy for star photos.

Yesterday, about 11 AM we headed for a local state park that was supposed to have a water fall, which we never found.  The light itself was too harsh for good photos — so we got the fixings for dinner and headed for home…

…. when we saw a beautiful young deer standing up to his chest in the ditch grass.  Andy whips a U and just as he got close enough to photograph the beautiful thing it bounded off into the woods.

So, we went home, made dinnner, had naps and hung with SuperMom until it was time for our evening’s activities — a fire and star photos.

As we arrived at Flathorn lake, a couple barreled up behind us in a truck — and then we noticed a HUGE and slow moving turtle.

Andy and Max grabbed cameras and documented the turtle’s trip back to the lake, or so they thought.

Turns out the memory cards for both cameras were still at SuperMom’s.  Ouch, just when I thought there was some wildlife that wasn’t going to run away from Andy, a technical problem…

After a quick trip home to pick up the cards, we tried some star photos… which didn’t turn out.  Sigh…

The whole day reminded me that this photography stuff is half about getting a cool shot and half about going out and enjoying the world… at least we got the second part right yesterday.


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