15 trips… and counting…

As you must know by now, Andy and I are amazing travel companions….I think it’s pretty amazing that we’re able to travel so well together.  We don’t get cranky with one another — we tend to like to eat the same food, drink the same beverages etc… so we can share well.  We even have small rituals about where our drinks go in the cup holders of my Toyota… (driver’s drink in front, Duhhhh!).  Many of our travel tales will never be told here, but at least I can tell you where we went…
August 2010:  2, Isabella
September 2010:  1 Isabella
October 2010:  3 Isabella, Madison WI, Duluth
December 2010:  1 Duluth
January 2011:  1 Isabella
February 2011:  none — huge shock..
March 2011: 1, Colorado
April 2011: 2, Isabella
May 2011:  2, Isabella
June 2011 2, Isabella, Madison
Our summer vacation plans have yet to be finalized — so we’ll see what the summer holds!



One Response

  1. You need to come back to Colorado and see it in the summer! It’s amazing what you’ll see here. PLEASE!! I want to see you guys.

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