For the Record…

… I’m not evil — no matter what some people who don’t know me, or haven’t even MET me think…

I’m just a normal chick — I have good days and bad days.  I laugh, cry and sometimes snort just like everyone else.

I do have a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and I have a job as a philosopher… it pays the bills, it’s fun and I like it — it keeps me thinking.  It gives me time to do other things and it lets me make a difference in the world of some hardworking students every semester.

I worked dammed hard to finish my dissertation — and I’m proud to be a Ph.d. — if you can’t handle that, I’m sorry for you.  I don’t think it makes me any better or worse of a person, just that I’ve made different educational / career choices than other folks.  I completely respect folks who have done trade school, 4 year schools or the school of hard knocks — however you got to be where you are is good for me.

I have faults and flaws like anybody else, but compared to some folks, I’m pretty nifty.  I have bad habits — I sometimes jump to conclusions, I leave my shoes in the middle of the hall and I don’t always load the dishwasher right away.  I’m not into drugs, guns, gamboling or video games or country music — so I don’t think my flaws are fatal.

I will say that I’m better than some folks in one regard — I don’t make judgements, decisions or conclusions about people I don’t know.  I also try not to spread my negative judgments, decisions or conclusions about people around — if I have a problem with someone I either try to sort it out or I simply pretend they don’t exist and ignore them.  I also try not to make life uncomfortable for the people who love the people I don’t like… but, then again, that’s just me.

I also think that if you need to hate on someone you don’t know in order to improve your own life, then — use me as a target — I’m a mature person who can handle it… and if it works for you, then fine… I really don’t care.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like someone picked an argument with you for no reason that was reasonable but just to have an argument or disagree with you. If so… annoying.

    • It’s a bit more complicated than that, if it was an actual argument I could accept it and actually have a discussion. The people involved are just pretty sure they are right about me and some folks I love, and they aren’t open to any evidence to the contrary. I also sense a lot of insecurity for some unknown reason. Oh well.

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