RBO… how to know you’ve had fun in the woods..

We really wanted to see a Sasquach… of course, if we did — we’d be so freaked out that we’d be unable to get a photograph…

Instead — I can tell just by sitting at my desk that I’ve had fun in the woods with Andy and Max…

  • I’m tired — we tend not to sleep a lot when we’re having fun.  Double that if we don’t plan to take star photos and the danged stars come out anyway  :).
  • I have a funky tan — mostly arms and face… my legs are still white.
  • My feet are dirty..
  • I have great body in my hair — due to bug spray… the north woods styling tool of choice this weekend.
  • I have more than 5 mosquito bites on each limb.
  • I have memories of fun by the lake, bonfires and lying on my back looking for shooting stars while the camera takes photos…

Yep — a great weekend… we’ll do it agin soon, I hope.



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