Mysteries of death… a message to Pam…

When my sweet younger sister Pam died, she left us with a couple of mysteries…

Mystery #1 — where the heck are Mark’s car keys… Pam died up at Mom’s in Isabella.  She had the car keys because she drove home from the Knotted Pine — but, when Mark went to look for them, they went missing.  We searched Mom’s place.  The EMTs looked all over the ambulance.  The hospital staff looked around too — and they weren’t in her purse or with the clothes she was wearing.  They seem to have vanished.

Pam — wherever you are, you don’t need them and we’d like to know where they went.. a reply to this post would suffice :).

Mystery #2 — where is Mom’s camera…. A few days before she died, Pam took Mom’s camera in to be fixed.  In  true Pam fashion, she didn’t keep the claim check — and by the time mom thought to call around for it (a year or so later), it was too late…

I’m only thinking about this because Andy traded an old ipod for a camera similar to the one Mom had… and it prompted me to ask Mom about it… again, a response to this blog post would work :)…

I’m also thinking about you because I (finally) developed photos from your wedding… yes, I kept film for that long!

I love you and miss you more than I can say… I really wish you were here to talk with me about my life changes — and to enjoy the time on my porch… I know you’re with me in spirit — but I miss you in actual.




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