Review: Tamron 18-270 VC

Ok, photo-head’s, listen up…………you need this lens.

Photo gear and guitars are pretty similar for me………I cant get enough, I wanna try new things, I love certain qualities in one but not the next, so I’m constantly swapping and trading back and forth.

The problem…………….big dollars for the good stuff and one lens might be perfect for one situation yet not the next.

These are just a few example’s of the lenses I’ve had in less then a year”

Tamron 28-300 (crap except for macro)   Canon 70-200 f4 (not all that) Canon 100-macro (a nice lens but a lot of flaring on sunny days) canon 200mm prime 2.8 (excellent but very limited) and finally the Tokina 10-17 fisheye………………(my favorite of all time).

Tamron is Chinese, and in my experience, fairly soft in focus. I have traded them off one by one……… almost all cases I blame my myself for taking bad pictures or not being patient enough to learn how to use it properly.

This lens is the exception!!!!!!!    It’s the idiot’s solution for great pictures.  Being able to zoom for 18mm (wide) to 270mm (very long) is unheard of.   While it’s a smidge slower than serious L glass, the vibration compensation is outstanding and makes quick work of unskilled hands like mine.

I recently shot concert pictures from 60 feet away, in bad lighting at f 3.5 3200iso  and have been amazed with the results even prior to photoshop.  Shortly after the concert I was taking street photo’s from 2-3 feet away under a blinking marque and got razor sharp shots with out changing the settings.

The verdict:    A Canon 70-200 2.8is is $2400.00.    My new Tamron was $650.00. Unless you are trying to write articles about the laboratory performance and analyze chromatic aberration on a bar graph, I’d say your choice is clear.




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