The Elvi………

I was lucky enough to get to the Elvis Costello concert this week, thanks to my Pal Ann who has been a fan since forever.

Previously, I had not been such a huge fan but thanks to the liberal photo policy at the State theater, I had great interest in being this close to an iconic rocker.

Having said that, the staff at the State were less that pleased when they found out my lens extends to three times it’s length, and I got a little “talking too”. The verdict…….no zoom shot’s………….I promptly ignored that.

Having seen Elvis’s show on BBC and knowing a bit about his reputation as a musicologist, I was pretty excited to hear if not a bit concerned it would be not hippy enough or not rocker enough for me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Elvi and his spartan back up band rocked hard………for a long time…… opening act……..more then an hour for encore.

The groups style was edgy and fast, and while I didn’t know most of the songs, they all had that grungy-ala-Minneapolis groove that I’ve loved all along.

Elvis has recycled a set from previous tours that includes a giant wheel that he invites fans up on stage to spin  for song titles and then sings to them on stage.   There were “wild cards too” and I’m not sure everyone one else wanted to hear “The Mighty Quinn”     But I did LOL.

Along with the giant colorful wheel there was a go-go cage with a sexy dancer with fairly kinky boots……………………….works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Thanks for going with me, Andy! Definitely a good time was had by ALL…. =) And love those pics of the Elvi…….. captured the essence perfectly.


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