Happy Birthday Anthony

There are a lot of reasons I’m glad I’m not a douche bag even though some of you may disagree.

These little monsters are a couple of cute examples.

We were at the Minneapolis Fireworks show and it was Anthony’s Birthday.

Anthony’s family were having lots of drinks and the kids were running amok mostly un supervised.

My son got a gift package with candy, bubbles and some balloons as well as pop and a cupcake.

These little dudes were interested in everything…….they were not shy about drinking my pop, eating my trail mix (not the raisins though) and wanted to take pictures with my camera.

There were several kinds of people there who didn’t appreciate the way the family was enjoying the holiday. Some tried to speak Spanish to them, while others made snide stereotypical remarks in low tones regarding Indians and drinking. Most just  moved away in the typical indifferent Minnesota “polite” sorta way.

I’m grateful to have met them and it’s experiences like this that make my life rich.




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