Fireworks crowds…

A few observations from Fireworks time…

If you go early, you’ll be all peaceful and set up — and able to watch the crowd — we observed the following…

  • A bunch of obnoxious teenagers with glow sticks — ummm… not good for photos.
  • A bigish dude in a Twins jersey freaking out on a little foreign dude who was taking photos of the crowd — seems Twins jersey thought he was somehow taking inappropriate photos of his 10 year old daughter… ummm… dude, she’s fully dressed and drinking a soda, he doesn’t need a photo to remember her at home with his bottle of “special” lotion..
  • A self-entitled yahoo with a whole set of U of MN folding camping chairs crowding the tripod.  He even moved our tripod so he and his Gopher fan pals could plunk down their chairs..
  • A wack-job woman talking on the cell phone the entire time — and her conversation was pretty funny, it included a marriage proposal and a discussion of her nephews shooting up the laundromat…  she talked for the whole fireworks show.  I’m not sure what the point of driving her wheelchair / scooter thing up the hill was… to have a better setting for her weird phone conversations?
  • Lots and lots of young folks and mating behavior… including same-gender couples, lots of alcohol and the ritual throwing of frisbees…
  • The best was the way Andy handled the oblivious matron standing in front of his lens — She and her ‘wealthy newly urban-activeretiree-isn’t it nice that we moved to the city-selling the big house in the burbs so as to drive up urban condo prices’blonde hair do was right in front of where Andy wanted to get some spectacular shots of the sunset.  She stood there and dithered about where to put her chair — eventually Andy spoke up, asked her to move (very politely..) and was given the hairy eyeball… but, they moved… and grumbled all about it.

Like Andy, I really enjoyed and appreciated the Native American family celebrating Anthony’s 3rd birthday at the top of our hill.  When we arrived, it was clear that they’d been up there for a while… eating, hanging out in the shade, playing music and generally relaxing on a beautiful July afternoon.

When we came up the hill, they gave us a look or two — to see if we were going to be friendly or not.  When we smiled, started talking with the kids and generally showing that we’re relaxed folks, we ended up being part of their celebration.  By the end of the evening, their kids had shared our pop and snacks, Andy blew up countless balloons and we had birthday cupcakes.   As a really nice bonus, Max got a birthday party goodie bag — and we all felt like we’d been a small part of a fun family.

I hope they do that every year — because I want to come to Anthony’s 4th birthday :).

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