It’s kinda weird to think…

photo courtesy of Sue R…. not long after Andy and I had coffee the first time… We’re both thinner and better looking now :).

…that last year, about this time, I was telling my pal Jen that she should date Andy.

Folks, that’s kinda how this whole Patty/Andy thing started.  My pal Jen was thinking about re-entering the dating pool.  For some reason, my old friend Andy came to mind.  At the time I told Jen that Andy was a nice guy in high school, but I hadn’t known him since.  We’d been facebook friends since February — and his status updates were amusing but infrequent…. So, I thought that maybe I’d make a love connection between two good friends of mine.  I introduced them via facebook and thought that would be the end of our discussions…

Strange how things turn out…

A couple of weeks later I was up early and Andy was up late — we had a long facebook chat and have been talking, traveling, drinking coffee and hanging out ever since.  I’ve given up on trying to figure out how the universe and “best friends EVER” work…. I’m just happy that I thought Jen and Andy might be a match and that the result is Andy in my life.

… and, tonight we’re having a FB conversation while sitting next to one another on the deck… yea, we’re weird but we like it!


2 Responses

  1. so you are in love with your best friend Andy? Why not make it known to the rest of the world rather than hide it, telling everyone he is your best friend won’t do you any good. Why won’t you do what will bring you a greater happiness?

    • Andy and I have an unusual relationship… Unlike any relationship either of us have had before. Most folks don’t understand it, but we’re ok with that because we aren’t into trying to put a tag on our relationship.. That’s just the way it is.. And we like it.

      The thing is, we’re both happy with things as they are.. And I suppose that’s what’s most important, no?

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