We’re loading up the Leftyconcarne family truckster and heading out — on Sunday.

We aren’t taking any old relatives or pets — so we’ll probably avoid the dead grandma on the roof and the empty leash tied behind the car…

We’re going to a cabin, on an island — in Lake Superior.  We’ll have no TV and no internet — so I’m stock-piling movies for Max – books for myself..  I’m not sure what Andy is going to do with himself, but he’s easily amused so I don’t think being bored will be a huge issue for him.

I’m looking forward to some quiet boredom time — I have so little of that in my regular life.  I think some time to contemplate my bellybutton will do me good.

So — if you don’t see posts for a while, don’t get concerned.  I’m sure there will be plenty to blog about (and plenty that can’t be blogged) next week…

Have a good summer!


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