Vacation update…

Since the first time I was here on Madeline Island, I wanted to come, get a house, and stay for a week.. and I finally did it!

Things to remember….

Amazing sunsets and sunrises..

Deer photos..

TICK CHECK!! (that’s what the kids are calling it ‘eh?)

Billy Squire, “My kinda lover” — on KQDS 74,000 times..

Fantastic Fires

Exactly the right kind of house.

Staying up way, way, way too late…

Getting “inexplicably Hungry”

Amazingly fun family time!!!!

Overall, this has been pretty much the perfect vacation.  Lots of good food, fantastic company and doing what we’d like to do…  For the 9 year old, that includes legos, movies, swimming and smores — for Andy and I it includes staying up late, taking good photos and cooking.    For Ryan and Terra — exploring, seeing bears and hot tubs — for mom, reading, relaxing and pool time with Max.

Andy and I were talking ab0ut living here — and we decided not.  It’s a great place to visit — but an island is pretty confining for two folks with itchy feet like us…  We decided to leave it for a great vacation spot — probably close to where we’ll settle… not bad, eh?

Tomorrow we’ll head back home, sunburned, bitten and pretty much exhausted — the perfect end for a vacation.


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