More reservations..

It seems we can’t stay in town…

I’ve finally figured out that a cheaper room for two nights is the best plan for us — we’re of the “stay up until the sun comes up” variety — which has made for more than one rude awakening by hotel cleaning staff at check out time… so, I’m finding less expensive motels for us — Andy’s a strong dude, I’m not afraid…

I was just making reservations for a stay in a small MN town… the online reservation system was great — what I found funny were the options in the “what is the reason for your visit” question…

The usual suspects were there, “business”, “pleasure”,– what I found funny were the following reasons:

  • Personal (as in, it’s none of your beeswax… nosy)
  • Hockey (yep, we travel for hockey around here..)
  • Funeral (do they have a room with extra kleenex?)
  • Snowmobiling (or a room with extra fans to ward off the boy smells?)
  • Skiing (not on any of OUR mountains)
  • None (why come?)
  • Wedding (this isn’t a big wedding destination — nobody says, when I was a little girl I wanted to go to _____ to get married — how romantic!)

Ummm… yea — this is Lake Woebegon territory…


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