Old photos… new technology

This is me, getting my MA in Philosophy — a long time ago!

So — I’m a procrastinator — big time… and sometimes I just forget stuff — like to develop film for many, many years.  I moved a zip lock bag of film about 5 times before I got it processed.  In a way, it’s a good thing because I’m finding old photos and instead of having them locked away in a drawer, I can share them with you…

Here’s me, probably after getting my MA — we went to lunch at the best Indian restaurant in the world — then went home for a nap.  As usual, the cats had to nap on me…

The little girl in this photo is currently working as an assistant on a movie shoot in Oklahoma — she’s at least 25!

This is me, my sister and some of my cousins at the beach — some of them remember an unfortunate an un-bloggable incident on the way home involving my purse…

This is SuperMom, Oliver, Pam and some family friends — we must have been on the river that day — I think I took this one, since I was there but I’m not in the photo.

Pam and Mark on their wedding day — lots of fun!  Pam’s face looks funny because there were bubbles involved…

Pam getting ready for her wedding — Every time I see wedding photos, the Billy Idol song “White Wedding” gets in my head — her bff’s sister was in charge of getting Pam to the alter without any stains on her dress…. so the theme song for the day was “White Wedding” —

Here’s Pam with her bride’s maids… at the rehearsal dinner..

Here’s SuperMom with her siblings and parents — probably at Pam’s wedding.

Here’s a photo of me in our base housing house — back when the world was black and white —

And, finally — a photo of Jason during his first year of college debate — debate friends — this is where it all started.

What a trip down memory lane —


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