Really, IT — seriously?

I kinda think this happened to me… and worse…

Grade entry drama…

Before we left on vacation I tried to enter grades — the system rejected me saying the grade window wasn’t open for my courses.  I e-mailed the Registrar and got a “it should work now” response.  I tried when we got back and it didn’t work — the registrar thinks I’m doing something wrong and I need to CALL her… umm… nope.

Today I sent a screen shot of the rejection message – we’ll see how this goes — meanwhile, it’s been nearly a month since the end of classes and some students are getting a bit tense — and I don’t blame them.  We’ll see how she responds, or doesn’t to that message… frankly, I don’t want to rearrange my general lazy summer pattern to call her when it’s convenient to her —

School e-mail fail..

While on vacation I tried to access my school e-mail — once it worked fine, but the second time it was a no go.  I figured that there was some decent reason and didn’t sweat about it…

When we got home, I tried again — and again… at odd times of the day.  Each time, rejected.

Today I finally went on campus and found out why — my password was expired.  No e-mail notice — nothing… just rejection.  Ummm — I’m faculty,  I don’t sign into the mother-ship-system all summer — and that’s the only means of notification that our passwords are expired…

Ummm… yea — smart, eh?


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