Duck Camp










In High School I spend some time at the duck camp with my dad.    The adults liked to stay up late drinking whiskey and telling lies. Then they would send us kids out at 0-dark :30 (a half hour before they went to bed) to sit on the bog and save a spot for them.

There were only two rules:

If a man takes a playboy to the outhouse………..Do Not Disturb……unless you want to see something you can’t unsee!

Second, I got mine, where’s yours?

What this rule meant was your responsible for your own crap……..if you didn’t get enough to eat or you can’t find your hip boots……….tough shit.

Duck Camp is a lot like politics:

Democrats – I have less but I’ll help you find yours.

Republicans – I got mine and yours – Where’s yours?

Tea Baggers –  I’ve got mine and Ill shoot the first black lesbian who tries to take my guns!!!!

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