On turning off the Cable…

I’ve been thinking about my expenses lately, and I came to realize that I’m not getting my $87 worth out of the satellite TV — it’s going… soon.
Andy and I don’t watch a lot of TV — his parents have it on nearly all the time — so we end up listening to it, but not actually watching.  The thing is, especially since our Media-free adventure in the mountains, along with our summer vacation without TV, we’ve come to see that we really kind of prefer not to have one…. so, I’m going to turn it off.
We noticed that without TV on, we found other things to do — work on photos, read stuff, have a conversation, listen to music or just enjoy the quiet.
I told Max I was turning off the cable — and he was kind of horrified — what, no cable?  He had a little fit at the thought that I may not have TV at my place… not that he spends a lot of time here, but the general concept seemed barbaric to him.
I’m not one of those academics who rejects screen time — I like my video entertainment as much as most folks, but the fact of it is that I can use Netflix and DVDs for my entertainment and get exactly what I want to see.  No commercials, no news breaks with hysterical interpretations of world events, no re-runs… none of that.
Netflix and DVDs also give me exactly what I want, when I want it.  Feel like a movie, snuggle up to the computer and make it happen —
So — soon, the satellite will be gone — and I’ll be without cable TV for the first time since I was in middle school… hmmmm….

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