Solving the worlds problems.

Politics continue to be a major source of stress and frustration for me, so today I spent a lot of time coming up with the answers.

There needs to be a living wage guarantee. The concept of Minimum wage has failed.  In my younger life, working in food service, I had a deal with myself. The job I accepted would have to pay 10.00 per hour. There was hardly ever an issue with that and I usually did much better. We are more then 20 years past that now and I regularly see jobs posted for 7 bucks an hour. Costs have outpaced our shrinking wages. In 1987 a year at St Thomas in St. Paul would cost you 10 large.  It’s now 45k. I bought a brand new car in 1991 for 9000. A Kia now is 19.

How about a flat tax?  Nobody get’s a break. Everyone pays his share. Exceptions would be…….if you are an unfortunate or have a legitimate reason, you go to social services and you are assigned an advocate. This persons job is to figure out what your malfunction is and support you in getting your issues fixed i.e. treatment for illness, education, daycare etc. etc. We already have this, it’s called welfare and it is a sleazy poorly run bureaucracy. Why not just do it right?

On the other side of the bank account you have the extremely wealthy. You are subject to the same flat tax, but if your lifestyle requires 12 cylinder sports cars, mansions and yachts you will be exposed to a luxury tax.

Businesses too, no excuses, you have to pay.

Our Declaration of Independence suggests that we should all have the opportunity for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These are called unalienable or natural right’s.

In my thinking………..the natural right to be healthy is included in our right to life.   I do not think our health is a business proposition or by definition, insurable.

Shortly after Patty found out she has serious breast cancer, she found herself in the business office at the Oncologist’s office having a discussion about the amount of equity in her home and 401k program in case she had to spend her last dime to stay alive. She did not celebrate her unalienable rights that day.

When you get a job these days, you get a thick booklet written in lawereese that describes what your not going to get. It also describes how they are more than willing to help if you get injured on the job. Silly really, because that is already covered under workman’s compensation.   So for $50.00 a month you can get what  you already have.

How about the simple idea that as Americans we take care of each other? My friend Pat would not agree with one word written here, but he is taking care of me by serving our country. He knows he has my respect.


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