Mormons ARE Christians… duh!

This is a pretty interesting article, if only because it addresses an image issue the Mormons have — and shows the truth of the situation..

I’ll say right up front that I’m not active in the LDS church — for my own personal and philosophical reasons.  I’m close to some very active members and I’m still on the official roll of the church, but I haven’t been active for a long time.

I’ll also say that I do have political disagreements with the LDS church — especially their activity in defeating the pro-same sex marriage initiative in California.  I’ve also seen how they come very close to violating their non-profit status by advocating voting Republican.  Both of those choices seem quite unwise to me.

With all that in mind, I have to say that the Mormons are generally some of the nicest folks I know — as a group.  Their basic ethos is to be welcoming.  They are very family oriented and concerned about others and overall, they just want to share what they see as the truth about the world and God.

It’s also not the case, in my experience, that they play “I’m a Christian and you aren’t”… unlike many other supposedly “good” “Christians”.  Sure, they think their church is the truth — who doesn’t?  But — they also make a sincere effort to try to introduce people to their truth in non-offensive ways.

The article that prompted this post is about a non-Mormon (who identifies herself as a “Christian”) who seems to think that Mormons aren’t Christians and that they’d be less than welcoming of her and her partner at a large Mormon pageant held in upstate New York.  Her observations were interesting, in that the only folks who were angry or otherwise offensive were the “Christians” outside protesting.

It seems to me that Christian is as Christian does — and if the Mormons think Christ is their savior AND they are treating others with love and respect, then the Christians were inside the pageant — not outside protesting.


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