Plymouth Cops












It’s no secret I dislike cops. I have ample reasons for this but I do accept that we need them. I also understand by far and away, most police officers are professional and do far more good then harm.

My father took his dogs with him to the grocery store today because they love to go for a ride in the car. For the 5 minutes he was in the store, he left all four windows down and the sunroof open.

Some animal crusader decided to call the police and when he got out two of Plymouth’s finest  were at the car ready to break into it.

Instead of being professionals and either citing dad or not they took the low road and started bitching at him expecting dad would break down in tears and beg forgiveness.    Yeah not so much.    Dad didn’t play along and was probably fairly antagonistic (like father like son).

The younger and dumber of these two seemed to feel dad may spend time in the work house for his atrocities against the animal world.    Then he realized it’s a $25.00 fine.

Our family has rescued 5 unwanted dogs and have always been excellent pet owners.

Finally these two idiots got tired of hearing their own voices and let dad go.

Do you suppose they could be out trying to catch bad guys instead of this kind of crap?


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