A year…

A year ago today Andy and I had our first cup of coffee together.  Little did I know that those cups of coffee would lead to many, many, many more… in many coffee shops near and far.

Our relationship is unique, perhaps “epic” — and I find myself at a rare loss for words to discuss or describe it.  I can’t articulate how my time so far with Andy has changed my perspective, reinforced my values and encouraged me to develop interests and passions I thought I’d forgotten…. all in one short year.  Like music and art have qualities that cannot be described in words, putting a label on Patty/Andy is simply impossible.

So — to my bestest ever friend Andy, I all I can say is “Happy Pandyversary”, may this be the first of many many more — before I have to sneak up on you with a shovel :).



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  1. Cheers to a great friendship!!!!

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