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I guess George Stephanopoulos has always been a spin man, but before he was working for my team so he got a pass.     Now he is working for the media and very much his own team.

This Morning on the T.V. he was interviewing Timothy Geithner regarding the condition and credit worthiness of our economy.  Right out of the blue Stepho drills Geithner on the obvious fact that Apple Computer has more money than the United States government???????? And then Georgie Porgie get’s this big shit eating grin on his face like he just made a big media GOTCHA “It’s true isn’t it”?    Geithner simply said he didn’t believe that.

In my opinion this is exactly the kind of grotesque over simplification that is less about reporting the news and more about driving everyone’s fears and concerns. Sadly this has become standard practice in the media, left or right.  Is this the kind of reporting we need when the average and less then average American is already scared witless and feeling powerless regarding the condition of our country?

“If you tell a lie big enough and repeat it often enough people will eventually come to believe it”

-Dr. Joseph Goerbbles


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