The rich really are selfish bastards…

… or, at least they aren’t as empathetic as the less well off

The study is quite interesting, it says that as people rise in socio-economic class, they become less generous, less empathetic and generally less attune to the needs of others.  The explanation is pretty simple, if you are poor, you need to rely more heavily on others to survive.  If you can’t afford a babysitter, you work with neighbors and family to take care of the kids etc..

This explains a lot I think… at least in this country.  The wealthy have ways of avoiding taxes, making sure that they don’t have to pay for healthcare for the whole country and generally take care of their own needs even when it would greatly benefit the country to do otherwise.

The article also calls trickle-down economics BS, which I love.. yep, it’s true that if you give the wealthy more money they’ll hold onto it… duh.


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