Portabello and asparagus sandwich


Lots of olive oil, mayonnaise, smart balance, balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme, portabello mushrooms, sweet onions, camembert cheese, asparagus and tomato basil bread (although, any thick cut, chewy on the inside bread would work great).

Leave the cheese out to get nice and warm…

Have your assistant strip the tiny little leaves off of the fresh thyme.  This will take a philosophy Ph.D. a long time…

Carmalize a whole mess of onions — this takes “about 16 years”….

and the end result looks like this… yummo!

Flash fry the asparagus in Smart Balance with some salt—

Marinate in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Marinate the portabellos in olive oil and a lot of the fresh thyme.  Grill them and add butter, salt and fresh thyme at the end.

Assemble the sandwich with the cheese on the bottom, then the mushrooms and the asparagus on top…. put a thin layer of mayo on the top piece of bread and enjoy!

One Response

  1. Despite my not being a fan of mushrooms at all, this looks beautiful and yummy! 🙂

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