Odd that we were just talking about that..

… many philosophers have this kind of dream job after a while..

When Andy and I were talking about the other opportunity.. it seems that the actual reason I’d leave Century has an opening.

Last time I saw one I had no hair (it was during Chemo), I had no Ph.D. and wasn’t sure when I’d get it done.

This time I’m qualified, I have hair, and I have a supportive BFF… So, I’m going for it.

The cool thing is that the two areas they say they give preference to are my strong areas.. so, boo-ya!

Wish me luck!


“We don’t do things for money”

… Andy and I had an interesting conversation the other day…

There’s a job opening in my state, but not in the metro area, that could be an interesting career move for me.  I’m very qualified, it’s in my research area, and it’s teaching philosophy.  Sounds great — right?  Here’s the gist of our conversation..

Andy:  Why would you want to take that job?

Me: — well, the work could be interesting, but I’m really unsure of the organization within the university that I’m supposed to lead… I don’t understand their mission or how it’s funded.

Andy:  So, it could dry up, change or fail?

Me:  Yep — and then I’d be down there without the main reason I’d take the job.

Andy:  Do you have other reasons to take it?  Is it more prestigious or something?

Me:  Not really, it is teaching at a 4-year college, which would be nice, but I like my school and my students so the teaching itself wouldn’t be better.

Andy:  How about the location?

Me:  Ummm… no, you’ve been there, do you want to live there?  I don’t necessarily — and living in between here and there sounds like a pain in the butt.  Besides, it’s the opposite direction from places we want to go.

Andy:  Is it more money?

Me — maybe, especially considering the lower cost of living down there — but I’m not so sure it would be all that much more.

Andy:  Well, since we don’t do things for the money, why apply?

Me:  I don’t know… so I won’t.

This is a similar line of reasoning that made me decide not to apply for the open dean jobs at Century.  I’d lose my freedom as a professor, work a lot more and not make all that much more money.  Doesn’t sound like something I want or need to do.  I have just enough administrative stuff to keep me occupied as department chair, I get to work with faculty I like, I don’t have to solve the problems that land on the dean’s desk, and I get to have a lot of freedom concerning what, when, and how I teach my students.

Travel Plans..

… in the next four months —

  • Toes in the Atlantic — and probably more than that..
  • Toes in the Pacific — and probably just the toes, unless a wave catches me..
  • Near Lake Superior — no toes in that water, but plenty of photos..
  • Near Canada — but probably won’t go…
  • Near Mexico — but probably won’t go..
  • In Three distinct climates — desert, sub-tropical and whatever the hell it is up in Isabella..
  • Seeing all kinds of palm trees.. and pine trees…
  • Seeing northern animals, alligators and Californians :)…
  • Hanging with the family — all of them!
  • Hanging with military folks — the ethical ones!!

Not a bad fall / winter for someone with itchy feet…

Happy Birthday Max!

I know I’m breaking a rule by wishing you a happy birthday on a day that isn’t your birthday… but I hope you’ll forgive me..  I promise not to break any of the other birthday rules in this post — if I remember correctly, they’re something like:

  • no swearing
  • no hockey on TV
  • no Househunters
  • No trips to National Camera … and I may be forgetting one.

You’re a wonderful age — this is a year you’ll learn and grow — a year you’ll explore the world and make new connections  — and a year you’ll come to understand the adults around you just a little bit more.  You’ll learn from your friends, both Canadian and American… and more than likely win some football games!

You had several good parts of your day yesterday — presents with your mom and Jon, football, bowling with your friends and then the Smith family birthday, with a surprise visit from Terra and Ryan — I hope you see how many people love you.  Your Papa spent almost two days cooking for your party so you could have a Runza — that’s just one of many ways he shows you how much he loves you.

This year you got some legos (umm… big shock) — you also got a computer game, a camera and several gift cartds — and even some cash!  You’re old enough to make decisions about what to do with all of those, and I suspect you’ll find yourself some Legos :).

I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow and change this year — I suspect that by the time you’re the next age, you’ll be taller than Grandma Smith and maybe even taller than me.  No matter how tall you get, my head will STILL be a zombie buffet and yours will just be the size of a sensible lunch :).

Learning from our mistakes…

… some people don’t learn from their mistakes…

I know of some philosophy departments that hire the “same” person over and over again.  He’s ABD (all but dissertation) or recently defended.  He has a top-notch pedigree.  He has an interesting research agenda.  He’s from some more exciting place than where he’s applying.  The cycle is predictable.  He’ll move to nowheres-ville, teach and write and go on the market in about 3 or 4 years.  He’s been told that he’s a hot-shot and he should be someplace cooler than where he is now.  If that’s true, he’ll get a job there before he gets tenure in nowheres-ville and go without looking back.  The department does another search and repeats the cycle — as long as the funding for that position holds out.

I also know some men and women who make the same mistake over and over again in love.  Like the philosophy department example they date the same person over and over again.  They eventually have the same results — and repeat the cycle.  They wonder what’s wrong with their partners, when perhaps the question is why they keep dating the same person with a different name?


I had a long day today — lots of teaching, meetings and productivity stuff.
The yummo part was that while Andy was waiting (not so patiently) for a package, he decided to cook.
I got a tantalizing text once in a while, in the meeting with my dean, — “Guess what’s for dinner” and “where is the lid for the soup pot” — things a girl likes to hear when she’s in a meeting about course schedules and enrollments.

I came home to the smell of short-ribs cooking low and slow on my stove (yea, the stove works here… weird, huh?).  Mushrooms were sliced thick and waiting to be sauteed in seasame oil, along with some wild rice.  After reducing the yummyness in the pan, it was finished with cream and ladled over the beef and mushrooms… (I’ll fill in the details later.. but the inspiration was this recipe from Pioneer Woman

Amazing — not quite fried goat cheese balls, but danged close.

Breaking Bad… awesome show!

If you’ve ever wondered what one of my boobs looks like — here ya go… I’m not showing the other one, unless  you ask really nice and buy me dinner…

We started watching the first season of Breaking Bad tonight…

The main character has cancer — and it got me thinking about the “what if it comes back” deal… I have my 3 year check-up scheduled for early November.

The thing is, I know that I have a very close friend who will shave my head for me — and shave his own to match (well, he wears it like that anyway)…  and several friends who will sit with me in chemo, feed me avocados and make me laugh.  I know that my very closest friend would text me silly and maybe even naughty stuff (about the nurses, probably) while I got my treatments… he’s a swell guy like that, ya know…

It’s actually quite freeing not to be afraid of cancer treatment — and I’m not…  I’d do chemo again if I had to — and if it doesn’t work out, I know my very closest friend would hit me in the head with a shovel… it’s part of our deal.