The end of summer…

Yea — school started two weeks ago, but Labor Day is really the end of summer.
It’s been a good summer here — I taught, vacationed and hung out with Andy and the boy.
I’ll think of this summer as the summer I got to know the boy.  He’s kind, sweet and occasionally moody.  He loves his parents completely and is coming to appreciate them as people who have talents and faults.  He’s a Lego expert and has opinions about all kinds of things.  We’ve had long talks about life, relationships and God…
His thoughts on God are complex and well-developed.  They may even be the truth, and if they are, I’m happy about it.  We’ve also had talks about his duties as the Lego God (to his Lego people) — he takes those duties very seriously.
The boy starts school on Tuesday, so it’s back to “normal” life for all of us.  That’s good in some ways, but I will say that I’m going to miss my youthful friend.d

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