Eat the Rich

Did you hear the republican party will change it’s name to Too Wealthy for Applicable Taxes……….TWAT for short.

I normally love Tony Bourdain.  On his show today he is sitting at a fine restaurant with other semi famous foodies discussing a meal he recently had at Masa in New York City. The question? Is it wrong to spend $1900.00 on a meal, while pretty much every one else gets that for a year at the grocery store?

Your Goddamn right it is Tony!!!!

Gay Ted what’s his name (whom I also like) asked would it be wrong to pay $1900 for a Matisse? The idea being that such a meal is a work of art rather then just food.

I can make a really fancy and healthy meal for four for about $40.00 That does not keep me from serving it with flair and even blogging about it occasionally.

As for Ted. Perhaps I have not reached the level “Arteest”, but I cant bring myself to spend $2700.00 on a Nikon camera that would last me ten year and take thousands of photographs which I would hopefully sell to thousands of people at a small percentage beyond what I paid for materials.

One Idea might be to wait outside of Masa and take these rich bastards, dispatch them and sell them at the Minnesota State Fair in the form of Spam Curds……..$5.50


3 Responses

  1. Comparing meals to paintings? Really? A one-time consumable to a piece of art, whose ‘owners” are probably dedicated to its preservation for centuries to come? Did they say that straight-faced?

    Mr. Bourdain should take his crew to Santa Cruz, CA. There you share with the equally valued and respected transients (aka homeless people). People respectfully pass along their take-home containers, or those half pieces of pizza that would have gone into the garbage. You might even adopt the policy of leaving enough so it is a better size meal for the next person.

    Actually, he probably shouldn’t. Such extravagance wouldn’t go over well, and Santa Cruzians would I’m sure politely decline, and show them the map out of town. And sincerely tell them to have a nice trip.

  2. CHuckling at TWAT. Perfect acronym.

  3. […] Andy posted about a $1900 meal a few days ago… he said that he could cook a wonderful meal for two for under $40… and he did it. […]

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