Cousins Cook!

For my family it should read, “no bad beer”… but it’s close…

We’re having a family event soon — The great thing about my family is that we all generally like one another — weird, huh?  We’re rarely all together, but when we are we have a good time and don’t get on one another’s cases about stuff…

My family shorthand for the generations is as follows — my grandparents generation is called “The Grands” — it includes my 94 year old grandmother and two cherished great aunts (grandpa’s sisters).  “The Sibs” are their children — my aunts and uncles and all the folks in their generation.  “The Cousins” are all of the children and spouses of “The Sibs” — There are 8 kids who are children of the Cousins, and I’m not sure they we have a name for them yet.

This family event is a wedding — and the fun thing is that it’s my uncle getting married to a woman we all adore…. seriously adore.  She’s kind, funny, organized and smart — we’re all funny, smart and usually kind, but not so organized… so, she brings another skill set into our group — which is sort of a necessity for admission into to the clan :).

This particular event has turned into a chance for all of us to be together, in one place, for the first time in a long time.  To celebrate our family-ness, the Cousins are cooking.  We’re staying in a couple of very nice rental homes near the wedding — both with fantastic kitchens. We plan to make the most of them..

To organize this event, we’ve started an e-mail discussion that had some pretty funny moments.  One person admitted to liking Miller Lite (or, perhaps was outed) — this got the response “we’ll have to have some beer education”.  Another person suggested getting parts of a whole hog to cook — my sweet but food-fussy aunt is doing all the shopping — and the image of her dealing with hunks of recently deceased hog made me laugh so hard that I spit coffee…When I suggested cooking what’s fresh and local, the natives reminded me that they really don’t have fresh and local there and begged us to import some “real” tomatoes from the Midwest.

I think that e-mail exchange was a fun way to introduce Andy to parts of the family — and I’m sure by the end of “Cousins cook night”, he’ll see exactly what it means to be a Cousin.

In the end, it looks like we’ll have BBQ ribs, chicken, some wonderful sides and Andy’s grits souffle — the thought of which makes me drool on my keyboard.  We’ll also have fun working together, joking around and maybe even getting some beer education on the deck when it’s all over.


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