Fat girls..

…Often actually have good personalities..

Here’s the deal, I’m fat.  I’ve lost nearly 70 lbs since the end of chemo (yes, you read that right — but with breast cancer chemo people often gain weight — sad but true, I got a cancer that makes you plump up).  I’m still fat.  I have plans to deal with it permanently– but, that’s just the case for me right now. I’ve gone down 4 pants sizes… and I’m looking pretty good, but I’m still fat.

I know many, many folks who assume that fat = stupid — ummm… nope. Gotta Ph-freakingD permanently behind my name… probably not stupid.

I also know that women make the assumption that guys don’t like fat girls.  That hasn’t been my experience either.  You see, guys like girls who are confident in themselves, have a good personality, a brain in their heads and something they are passionate about.  I get flirted with all the time — by young and old guys of all shades.  I get checked out, winked at and smiled at… maybe because I seem like a pleasant person.  Dudes chat me up in stores, bars and restaurants.

The thing is, when I get chatted up, I have something interesting to say.  I can put a string of ideas together like nobody’s business and I’m funny too.  I can see the absurdity in life and I make guys laugh and feel special.  It’s something I just do.  I’m often told that I’m easy to talk to.  Yep — because I’m not full of myself.  I’m actually interested in what the guy sitting next to me has to say — I ask him intelligent questions and I actually want to know the answers.  I’m also not looking for a boyfriend or someone to support me.. which takes the pressure off.  I’m happy in who and what I am, so they’re comfortable with me.

I often get weird looks from thin women in bars.  They look at me like “what’s she got that I don’t”… and I think the answer is clear — while y’all were worrying about or relying on your looks and hot bod to get you by, I was developing a personality, a point of view and something interesting to say.  When you get older, the looks and hot bod go bye-bye but my personality and point of view just get better.

Funny thing is that, if all goes as planned, by next spring I’ll have a pretty hot bod AND a kick-ass personality… It seems that modern medicine and diets can help me get the hot bod, but there’s no way to fake a good personality —  you have to develop it on your own.




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