Breaking Bad… awesome show!

If you’ve ever wondered what one of my boobs looks like — here ya go… I’m not showing the other one, unless  you ask really nice and buy me dinner…

We started watching the first season of Breaking Bad tonight…

The main character has cancer — and it got me thinking about the “what if it comes back” deal… I have my 3 year check-up scheduled for early November.

The thing is, I know that I have a very close friend who will shave my head for me — and shave his own to match (well, he wears it like that anyway)…  and several friends who will sit with me in chemo, feed me avocados and make me laugh.  I know that my very closest friend would text me silly and maybe even naughty stuff (about the nurses, probably) while I got my treatments… he’s a swell guy like that, ya know…

It’s actually quite freeing not to be afraid of cancer treatment — and I’m not…  I’d do chemo again if I had to — and if it doesn’t work out, I know my very closest friend would hit me in the head with a shovel… it’s part of our deal.

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