Happy Birthday Max!

I know I’m breaking a rule by wishing you a happy birthday on a day that isn’t your birthday… but I hope you’ll forgive me..  I promise not to break any of the other birthday rules in this post — if I remember correctly, they’re something like:

  • no swearing
  • no hockey on TV
  • no Househunters
  • No trips to National Camera … and I may be forgetting one.

You’re a wonderful age — this is a year you’ll learn and grow — a year you’ll explore the world and make new connections  — and a year you’ll come to understand the adults around you just a little bit more.  You’ll learn from your friends, both Canadian and American… and more than likely win some football games!

You had several good parts of your day yesterday — presents with your mom and Jon, football, bowling with your friends and then the Smith family birthday, with a surprise visit from Terra and Ryan — I hope you see how many people love you.  Your Papa spent almost two days cooking for your party so you could have a Runza — that’s just one of many ways he shows you how much he loves you.

This year you got some legos (umm… big shock) — you also got a computer game, a camera and several gift cartds — and even some cash!  You’re old enough to make decisions about what to do with all of those, and I suspect you’ll find yourself some Legos :).

I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow and change this year — I suspect that by the time you’re the next age, you’ll be taller than Grandma Smith and maybe even taller than me.  No matter how tall you get, my head will STILL be a zombie buffet and yours will just be the size of a sensible lunch :).


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