How to win over my family…

… cook good food — and make me happy.

We’re in Florida for my uncle’s wedding.  He’s now married to a wonderful woman he dated in junior high.  Two of their kids gave toasts that made us laugh and cry.  We had a fantastic time with the other 65 people lucky enough to get an invite to this fabulous weekend — and it’s been just plain fun to be around my family.

Today was “cousins cook” day — declared by my mom and her siblings.. essentially, their kids were assigned to cook dinner for the family.  Talk about pitching right into Andy’s home run zone…

It turned out that Andy and my cousin John were the leaders of cousins cookin’ — and the results were the best family meal we’ve ever had.  Andy did his amazing ribs, some chicken wings and chicken skewers, his fantastic cuban beans and a bread pudding under a sauce I just can’t describe.  My role was to be Andy’s partner… as always, we’re a team. John did many varieties of veggies, planked salmon, deviled eggs and probably more that I’m not recalling off hand.

At one point, most of the younger generation was assembled in the kitchen — Andy was elsewhere and my cousin Em said “all in favor of keeping Andy, raise your hand”… of course, every hand went up.  It was such a sweet way to say that they liked Andy.. and really, who wouldn’t?

At the end of the evening most of my family was gathered on a beautiful wide porch overlooking the Atlantic.  Andy was on the way over to the other rental house and walked out on the porch to get there — my family saw him and burst into applause… and cheers.  They never do that — ever… I’ve literally never seen them applaud a meal before.  This isn’t some wacky Ross tradition — it was simply a recognition of his hard work, skill and talent in putting together a fantastic meal they’d all enjoyed.

So, yea — his initiation into Clan Ross is complete — now, what he doesn’t quite realize is that once  you’re in — getting out requires going into witness protection…




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