Lessons from our Grandmothers..

Andy and I were both blessed with fabulous Grandmothers —

Andy’s Grandma Rosie taught him to cook — in particular, she taught him to make pie crust.  She also showed him by example that cooking is an act of love because you can share your talents with the people you love.  Every time he makes a pie, Grandma Rosie’s lessons are with him.  I wish I could have met her, she sounded like a wonderful woman.

While my Grandma Joy, when she cooked, was a good cook — I didn’t learn those lessons from her.  Instead, I learned many life lessons from Grandma.  She taught me to be quiet and listen to people, really listen — and they’ll tell you a lot more than they intend.  She taught me to accept challenging situations with a degree of grace and humility because nobody’s perfect and life isn’t fair.  She showed me that you don’t have to say everything that’s on your mind, or everything you know… (which is not something natural-born Rosses are good at).  Most of all, she taught me not to miss an opportunity to do a good thing or spend time with your family.

Andy was lucky enough to meet my grandma Joy this weekend.



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