Oh, how they grow up…

The first three of us cousins were girls — Me, Pam and Em — we were a pretty tight clique… then came “the little boys” — Eric, Chris, Nick, Jon and Oliver… a pack of snips, snails and puppydog tails — rolling around, playing GI Joe games and being a pack of boys.

Fast forward about 20 years — I’m in my first teaching gig and mention that one of my cousins was in the theater program at my college.  Three girls in the second row said, “Chris is your cousin, he’s dreamy” — and sighed.

On the outside I smiled — inside I thought “gross — hes one of the little boys”… ummm… nope, the little boys have grown up.

All but one of the little boys is married.

Two of the little boys are fathers.

All of the little boys have jobs and homes.

All of them are close or over 6 foot tall.

The little boys are no longer little —

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