Five Decisions

Thanks to Seeking Solace for the inspiration..

1.  The soon-to-be-ex… He was a good decision for a long time and he’s still a good person, just not the person for me.  Without the ex, I’d be plain Patty (not Dr. Patty), and I probably would never have moved outside the area I grew up in.  We grew up a lot in our time together, we supported one another and had a lot of fun — now, deciding to end it is the other side of that good decision.

2.  Finishing my degree — it didn’t make me more money, but it was personally satisfying in a way that I can’t explain.  Being Dr. Patty is important to me.

3.  Getting the lump checked out — it’s breast cancer awareness month and I’m glad I went to the doctor right away when Ex felt the lump.  It probably saved my life.

4.  Keeping my job at Century when the Ex took a job in Red State.  The long-distance thing wasn’t great and definitely contributed to our split — but, since Red State college didn’t work out for the Ex, I’m glad I kept my job.

5.  Answering Andy’s FB chat — it all started with “what are you doing up”? — moved to texts, then coffee, then travel and the result is the best friendship I could ever imagine.  We’re a good team — we support one another, calm one another down, laugh, cry and love our family together.  It’s an unusual arrangement that works exceptionally well for two rather unusual people.


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