Adjunct faculty, making it work

I’m thinking about one adjunct humanities faculty member…

We’re in a system that is actually fairly good for part-time faculty.  They get equal pay for teaching — and proportionate health benefits to a full-time load.  What they don’t have is job security.

One of my faculty members is building job security slowly but surely.  She teaches in a unique sub-set of humanities.  She’s developed four new courses, none of which others in the department can or care to teach.

She works Saturday and Thursday nights — and online.

I just wrote an e-mail asking if she’d be open to adding another section.  She gave an immediate positive response, noting that her online sections always fill up quickly.

I love her — although I never see her.  Not seeing her makes me sad, but she’s busy being a full-time mom AND teaching 3 (now maybe 4) sections per semester.  She doesn’t have time to hang out in the copy room — she’s getting things done and doing them well.


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