Why blog?


Rosie the Blogger

 I blog for many reasons — and I’ve been blogging for a long time… in fact, it’s been six years as of last week…Here’s my first ever blog post — or, close to it…  I’m not sure six years of experience has made me a better blogger, but I do know that I write blog posts because I’m thinking about something or want to remember something.  During breast cancer I started by not writing about it at all, but eventually I wrote because I got support from the folks who read my blog.

Now I blog semi-personal stuff (not even close to everything that’s going on) because I want to remember or sort out something that’s in my head.  If I can write about it, it makes sense to me and I don’t have to keep thinking about it.  If the personal stuff involves the confidences or details of others’ lives, I tend to either write in very broad terms or keep their privacy.  I have this blog linked to facebook, so my facebook friends can read my posts if they care to click — so it serves to communicate with my awesome but far-flung group of friends and family.

I write about philosophy on my philosophy blog.. The point of that blog is to supplement my classes, so generally the topics are most applicable to my students.  I have a link in my online course, but I don’t have it registered with any of the search engines.  I also have a very personal blog, which is password protected and serves as my journal — which is all I’m saying about it.  Nobody has the password and that’s how I like it.

On this blog I write about food because Andy’s an awesome cook — and I write about current events and culture when I think I have something to say.  Usually I’m prompted by a news story or other experience that makes me think. I have a political point of view and a pretty solid idea of what I’d like the world to look like — so, if what I write makes someone mad, I have a solution — stop reading.

I try not to blog about anything that would hurt or embarrass another person.  For this reason, I’ve declined to blog about small and big things going on in my life.  If you know me in person, you can fill in the blanks about the biggest one… just like I wouldn’t post a facebook status update about things like this, I also won’t blog about them.  Nothing is important enough to me to blog about if it will make someone close to me uncomfortable.  In the past, I’ve pulled down posts I didn’t realize had implications.  I had no trouble doing it.

In general, I enjoy writing and like the exercise of articulating my thoughts here — whether you read regularly or not — here it is..


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