“At Sea” days…

In my family we have a concept of the “at sea” day…

Andy and I have been productive this week — he’s doing homework, we made a video we’ll release on Friday and I’m getting my grading and things done.

Sometimes you need a day in which you only do what you want to do… this doesn’t include spending a lot of money, but rather spending your time like you want to.  If you want to nap, you nap — if you want to read, you read.  If  you want to spend your whole day in your pajamas, you do it.  This is based on the concept of the cruise ship “at sea” day — a day when you don’t have to plan to get off the ship.  You don’t need to watch the clock — you eat, nap, read and relax however you’d like to.

We’re doing that today — it’s all about watching stuff on netflix, having really good conversations and existing.  It’s a great way to spend a day — the real world will come crashing back around us tomorrow, but for today we’re “at sea”…. and I think a nap is in order…


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